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DO NOT WAIT !  - Our system allows you to edit your information as you get it.  If you have the make and/or model, color and a photo then report the theft to us NOW.  If you don't have a photo find a stock photo online, you can always add personal photos when you find them.

REGISTRATION THAT WORKS! -  Our partners at Bike Index have created the ultimate national database. When your bike is marked stolen thousands of people are instantly alerted via twitter and Facebook. Buyers of used bikes can quickly check the bike they are considering to see if it is reported.



THE PAYOFF - Any of our members who have been there when a bike is returned to the owner can tell you  "This is why we do it !"  Take a look at a few of the happy faces.

THE BLOG - Take a look at the latest news, information, tips and notifications.

DON'T BUY STOLEN BIKES - It's simple economics, people sell stolen bikes because it is profitable, meet some of the known culprits. Possession of stolen property is a crime. Don't get caught in the middle, report suspicious sales immediately.

APPRECIATE OUR WORK? - We have a few ways you can help support our mission.  Send us a few bucks, buy a t-shirt, or volunteer your time. Our active volunteers are spending their own money to find stolen bikes and we are streched to the limits. We don't have big grants or deep pocket sponsorship so every dollar counts.

ANY PRESS IS GOOD PRESS - From the first day, the Stolen Bikes Nola team has been controversial, outspoken, and VERY EFFECTIVE. Take a look at how the press has covered our victories, our protests, and our advocacy.

LEARN TO LOCK - Cable locks should never be used as a primary means of locking a bike in a New Orleans. (click to see why!) Cheaper and older U-locks can often be broken without any tools. Use a u-lock that costs at least $40.

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