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Stolen Bikes NOLA, this effective non-for-profit organization, is recruiting new members! SBN has been around for a year now, and we have recovered over 540 bikes while re-uniting over 430 bikes with their rightful owners.


We are proud of our success, and inviting you to join us as a volunteer. We have several openings: committee chairpersons as well as volunteer workers. Some include:

Bike Owner Detective: someone to research and locate bike owners who we cannot reach - we have their bike and we have not been able to get in touch with the owner. We have lots of resources to track the folks down, but need a person to manage and work the process.

Bike Inventory Manager: we have dozens of bikes in storage while we locate the owners. We need someone to catalog the bikes and bike parts so we can easily locate what we need.

Event Volunteers: to help staff our booth during events; help with bike valet;; help with free bike tune-ups; help set-up and take down for events.

Recovery Volunteers: with supervision and support, help us recover bikes using very our effective procedures.


Database Promotion & Education: In addition to helping cyclists register their bikes at events we attend, we need someone willing to promote and educate bike registration with our partners at This would include assisting bike shops and other advocacy groups into integrating a bike registration strategy into their operation.

Volunteer Recruiter/Manager: This is a committee chair position. For those folks who enjoy working with the many volunteers we are so lucky to have.

If any of these assignments interest you, or if you have additional volunteer ideas, please complete the form below and we will be pleased to have you join SBN.

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