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Mission Statement

  1. To legally, and without the use of violence, recover bikes which have been identified as stolen. 

  2. To reunite recovered bikes to their owners, at no cost to the victim.

  3. To increase awareness about known and identified area bicycle thieves

  4. To store recovered bikes for distribution at a later time.

  5. To design and develop a stolen and recovered bike database that syncs with other such databases where possible.

  6. To assist local bike shops and reuse shops in identifying stolen bikes.

  7. To cooperate and collaborate with municipal governments, NOPD, neighborhood organizations, residents, schools & colleges.

  8. To educate and encourage the NOLA community to the proper ways to secure and store their bikes.

  9. To advocate for lawful safe cycling, including but not limited to the use of lights at night, and adequate U-locks.

  10. To expand the experience of cycling in the greater New Orleans area.

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