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During the course of normal activity, Stolen Bikes Nola, Inc. takes possession of bikes that are abandon or purchased under circumstances that lead us to believe they are probably stolen. The board of Stolen Bikes Nola, Inc. established a standardized procedure of documentation and search of rightful owners before the bikes are disposed of by way of sale, scrap or donation after a minimun of 90 days in our possession.


This page represents public notice of bikes in our possession.


IF YOU WISH TO CLAIM RIGHTFUL OWNERSHIP OF A BIKE SHOWN HERE - Click the bike photo to be directed to our Bike Claim Form.  Submission of a claim of ownership does not guarantee that the bike will be returned to you.  Based on the information you provide, Stolen Bikes Nola, Inc. will take one of the 3 following actions.


  1. If definitive proof is provided, we will contact you and return your property.

  2. If inconclusive proof is provided, we will finish our standardized procedure and contact you with the first option to receive the bike. *

  3. If proof provided does not match the subject bike, we will inform you of that and instruct you to report the loss or theft.


Some examples of "definitive proof" would be documentation of purchase, police report with serial number, photographs of bike in your possession taken before the bike was lost or stolen and illustrate characteristics unique to your bike, information provided of distinguishing characteristics unique to your bike and not illustrated here or obvious to anyone.


* One element of our Mission Statement is "To reunite recovered bikes to their owners, at no cost to the victim".  This goal requires a minimal effort on the part of the public, which is to report their loss in some way.  When that effort is not made our organization incurs unnecessary costs which we can not afford.  Until that condition changes we will expect reasonable reimbursement of our recovery and documentation costs.


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